Yes definitely!

We know it can be a bit daunting to turn up on your own to a new group (we've all been there) but you'll be absolutely fine.  There's a clear meeting point given for walks and socials, and we're always very obvious - for a walk there'll be a group of people in walking gear, and you can always ask someone if it's the Capital Walkers group just to check. 

Also, for each walk and social  there is a contact person and you can check with them beforehand if you would like  (their name and phone number will be in the programme or on the website).

On walks, the person leading the walk will give an introduction and explain what's happening before you set off. You are welcome to come on up to 3 walks before deciding if you want to join up.

There are usually at least a dozen or more people on a walk, including some people new to walking, some walking with us instead of their usual group and so on. it's a sociable group and coming along is one of the easiest ways of meeting people. We look forward to meeting you!