Our countryside paths are one of Britain’s most precious assets. Hidden in plain sight, they allow all of us to access and enjoy the countryside. Whether you're a walker, nature lover or wild swimmer, there is a path awaiting you. But keeping them in good condition requires hard work and investment.
As we prepare to leave the EU, the government is developing a new set of rules for how the countryside will be managed long into the future, as part of the Agriculture Bill. It is vital that these rules protect our right - and the right of future generations - to access and enjoy the countryside.

Take action to protect our paths

Across Great Britain, path protectors including farmers, Ramblers’ volunteers and walkers play a vital role in keeping paths open, maintaining gates and bridges and preventing our paths from becoming blocked or overgrown.

But they need your help and the support of government to ensure our paths are protected for generations to come.
Together, we can ensure that whenever you need it, your path awaits.

Visit the following link and fill out the form to join Britain's Path Protectors