The Galtee Mountains are inland mountains in Ireland located in the counties Tipperary and Limerick. They are well away from the mainstream commercialised tourist Irish experience, yet no less beautiful. Like anywhere in Ireland one must come prepared for rain, but it is also the rain which gives the landscape its lush green. There are views of mountains, lakes, and large stretches of unspoilt landscape, including bog. The most spectacular walk is up Galtymore (the tallest of the mountains circa 919 metres, which is comparable with tallest British mountains, but obviously much smaller than European Alps and similar). It is a moderate walk lasting about 6 hours up and down.

September is perhaps the best time to arrange a group trip to Ireland because it is cheaper and a group booking is easier to arrange. Local guides can be sourced for the best experience. The proposed date is Saturday 6th Septemeber, 2019.

Depending on budgets and size of group possible accommodation includes Aherlow House (15 mins drive away with a mixture of lodges or hotel accommodation), which I have stayed in and was lovely. Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel is a Spa hotel in Tipperary Town or Kilcoran Lodge Hotel near Cahir are alternatives. There are also a range of B&B accommodation one can explore on Trip Advisor etc. I would expect to pay between €50 and €100 per night per person for very nice accommodation.

Depending on the state of rain or otherwise it is best to plan the walks on a day to day basis. A local guide is vital for many reasons. Weeks go by with no one up these mountains so there are no paths or signposts and a lot of it is bogland, which in wet weather is very easy to get stuck in. A fog can appear or disappear in the blink of an eye, and does so most days, all year round. It is beautiful as it drops and lifts, but one is mostly lost when it is down unless you know the terrain. A guide costs €100 per day per group.

The nearest reasonable size town with cafes, shops, supermarkets like Tesco or Lidl and cash machines, etc., is Tipperary Town (about 30 mins drive from the car park at the foot of the mountains).
Limerick Junction is a railway station 5mins drive from Tipperary Town. It probably only has about 4 or 5 trains pass through a day, so cars or minibuses are the best way to travel. Cheapest flights from London to the Galtees are probably best to Dublin and rental car from there. The mountains are very close to the main Dublin to Cork motorway. For fans of Ferries it would take at least 15 hours to drive from London to the Galtees and probably be more expensive.

See maps for a general guide. All walks are straight forward and along lines done by Capital Walkers group every week;10 or so miles gentle climbs taking up to 5 hours including rests.

For more information Google terms like:
The Galtee Mountains Ireland (occasionally spelt Galty)
The Glen of Aherlow

There are some nice YouTube clips as well.

The specific hotels mentioned above have their own websites.

If this is a trip which potentially interests you, can you please email Capital Walkers on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in order to ascertain whether it is viable to 'set the wheels in motion' to organise.