Thank you for volunteering to lead a walk for Capital Walkers.  Please read the notes, complete all the fields and then submit your form. Your contribution to our group is really appreciated. Thank you.


Please note if you need to add any changes to your walk at a later date (travel changes etc), please contact Wendy at in the first instance. She has the power to make the changes you need. :) You can also notify us  on Facebook or via email on our Contact Us page if you are not sure Wendy is around. 

For walks outside the travelcard zones please use the following format: Take the xx:xx train from (London station), arrives (start of walk station) at xx:xx. If there is a change on the way then explain where to get off and give arrival/departure times. If the walk ends at a different station then say "buy a return to [the station furthest from London]". If your walk involves using different train lines or uses a branch line one way then please research and detail the best ticket options.

If there is more than one station with the same or similar name (eg a tube station and mainline station), please make this clear in the start and finish points to make sure the correct information is published.

Please add above anything else you want to tell the programme organiser, for example alternative dates or any questions you have about leading.